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At Nepal Furniture & Furnishing Association, we’ve gathered the most knowledgeable, passionate professionals in Nepal form our talented team. Our industry-centric approach means that we will spare no effort to find the right solution for your needs. Learn more about our team below, and get in touch to start working with us today.

dinesh agarwal.jpg

Dinesh Agarwal


Arjun Ghimere.jpg

Arjun Ghimere

2nd Vice President

Dambru Parajuli.jpg

Dambru B. Parajuli

Asst. Treasurer

Samyak Man Singh.jpg

Samyak Man Singh

Committee Member


Nikunj Agarwal

Committee Member

Sanjaya Koirala.jpg

Sanjay Koirala

Committee Member

shuvendra Joshi.jpg

Shuvendra Joshi


Sanjay Lama.jpg

Sanjay Lama

General Secretary

Dil Bikram Shrestha.jpg

Dil Bikram Shrestha

Committee Member

Mukesh Agarwal.jpg

Mukesh Agarwal

Committee Member

Tek Bahadur Karki.jpg

Tek Bahadur Karki

Committee Member

Kabindra Joshi.jpg

Kabindra Joshi


Manish Agarwal.jpg

Manish Agarwal

Senior Vice President

Ramita Shrestha.jpg

Ramita Shrestha


Bhola Man Yonjan.jpg

Bhola Man Yonjan

Committee Member

Geeta Acchami.jpg

Geeta Acchami

Committee Member

Rajendra Kumar Sharma.jpg

Rajendra Kr Sharma

Committee Member

Arun Kr Chaudhary.jpg

Arun Kr Chaudhary

1st Vice President

KEdar Nath Bastakothi.jpg

Kedar Nath Baskoti


Screenshot 2023-03-19 211409.jpg

Rishi Kr Agarwal

Committee Member

Ranju Shrestha.jpg

Ranju Shrestha

Committee Member

Anup Gopali.jpg

Anup Gopali

Committee Member

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